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Impeccable Laminating

Impeccable Laminating

A crash course in the possibilities of laminating from the benefits to tips for achieving the best end product.

Laminating 101


Laminating 101: Why Laminate?

  • To protect documents that you use frequently, like recipe cards, schedules, chore lists or instructions. To preserve documents like photos, a child’s art project or labels that can get dirty or dusty with time. To reinforce documents, or allow you to write on them with dry-erase.

  • To marker-proof, tear-proof and spill-proof paper items that you want to last. There are countless reasons to laminate, and our home and small office laminators make it easier, and more affordable, than ever.

Laminating 201: Choosing the right laminator

  • When selecting the laminator that’s right for you, there are three primary factors to consider: warm up time, lamination speed, and the maximum width it can process. The Scotch™ Thermal Laminator TL902 takes 5-8 minutes to warm up, features two temperatures settings and can handle items up to 9 inches wide. The Scotch™ Advanced Thermal Laminator TL1302 warms up in only a minute and has the widest maximum input, at 13 inches. It laminates one page a minute and has convenient features like a carry handle, cord storage, and auto shut-off.

  • The Scotch™ PRO Thermal Laminator TL906 warms up in 5-6 minutes, laminates pouches up to 9 inches wide at 15 inches per minute, and shuts off automatically. The Scotch™ PRO Thermal Laminator TL1306 warms up in only one minute, laminates pouches up to 12.3 inches wide at 18 inches/minute, and shuts off automatically.

  • Reusable Lists – Craftaholics Anonymous
    Reusable Lists

    Laminators are great for making reusable resources. For example, check out this handsome, reusable Spring-cleaning list. View here at Craftaholics Anonymous


  • Learning Cards – Craftaholics Anonymous
    Learning Cards

    Whether they’re learning to spell their own name, or studying another language, learning cards make memorization easy for kids. Lamination allows you to write on cards, and protects them from spills and frequent use. View here at Craftaholics Anonymous

  • Scotch™ Self Seal Laminating Pouches

    No Machine? No Problem.

    If you don’t have a machine, or you’re working on a one-off project, we’ve got a solution. Scotch™ Self-Seal Laminating Pouches require no electricity or special tools. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are simple to use. To see how well they work, check out this classroom labeling project.

Did You Know

Getting the Most out of Your Laminator


Getting the Most out of Your Laminator

  • Tip 1: The most important step is allowing the machine to warm up all the way. If it isn’t hot enough, you may wind up with white blotches. 

    Tip 2: Feed the closed / sealed edge first.  This ensures you'll get wrinkle and bubble-free lamination.

  • Tip 3: Before you cut or trim your laminating pouch, allow them to cool completely first, to ensure the seams are set and won’t open. 


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